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Keyboard layout for Blackfoot TR (Type in Roman)

How to install and use Keyman 6 — This Blackfoot keyboard is for Unicode fonts only, to take full advantage of this, please use a font. This keyboard is completely Unicode compatible.

* 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - =  
    [ ] \
          , /  


This keyboard has been updated on June 16, 2005 to fix some combining bugs. The layout stays the same.

  1. To produce a syllabic, type in the correct final + vowel, or if it is one of the vowel symbols, no final is required. For example, the (m) key produces ᐢ and the (a) key produces ᖳ. So when you type (m-a) (ᐢᖳ), the syllabic ᒉ appears.
  2. If you do not want final+vowel to combine into a syllabic, you can either:
    • Use the shift key with the second keystroke, so that (k-shift_a) produces ᘁᖳ.
    • Use the grave accent key (top left of the keyboard, marked by an asterisk * on the map above) to separate the final from the vowel, so (k-`-a) produces ᘁᖳ.
    • Similarly for the combining marks, so (t-S-a) is ᐨᓭ, and (k-W-a) is ᘁᖷ. The (`) key can also be used between keystrokes to prevent a syllabic from forming.
  3. The ᐦ symbol /hk/ is typed simply as (h-k). Any vowel typed afterwards will break up the combined final, thus (h-k-i) gives ᑊᖽ.
  4. Syllabics proceeded by the s-dot are typed in the Roman Orthography order. ᒣᐧ is typed (t-s-a) (ᐨ-ᔈ-ᖳ). The diphthongs /ia/ (ya), /io/ (yo), and /oa/ (wa) are written (using the consonant "pa") as ᑫᑉ and ᑫ. The y- and w- diacritics are written simply by typing (p-y-a), (p-y-o), and (p-w-a) respectively. Separate keys are also available for these combining symbols: z (ᐧ), j (ᑉ), and u ().
*In the preceding notes, the hyphen is used to separate keystrokes. So (k-a) is “k” followed by “a”, not “k”, “-”, “a”.
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