Keyboard layout for Wôbanakiôdwawôgan (Abenaki)

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1 2 3 4 5 6^ 7 8 9 0 -“ =”  
  q w e r t y u i o p ȣ \
  a s d f g h j k l ô  
  z x c v b n m ,; .: /  


  • The circumflex ô is typed with the semicolon key ; . It is also possible to use the shift+6 key to type a combining accent mark, which sits atop the preceding letter.
  • Masta’s orthography’s ȣ should be typed with the left-bracket key. This key also produces a capital Ȣ. The “number 8” key should only be used for numbers, not the Abenaki vowel sound.
  • Wzo̱kihlain’s underlined o̱ is typed with the right-bracket key. The “underline formatting” (typically CTRL-U) should not be used for the vowel sound. Underline formatting is very unstable on computers and can disappear from documents when transferring from one program to another, it is also very difficult to search and sort formatted characters. The underlined-o key on this keyboard resolves these problems by using an accent character instead of formatting.
  • Opening and closing quotes:
    • single: ‘ GRAVE — ’ APOSTROPHE
    • double: “ SHIFT+HYPHEN — ” SHIFT+EQUAL
    • single ‹ RIGHT-ALT+SHIFT+9 — › RIGHT-ALT+SHIFT+0
    • double « RIGHT-ALT+9 — » RIGHT-ALT+0
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