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Ilnu/Innu Communities

Below is a list of Ilnu and Innu communities in Canada. Dialect affiliation is also indicated. The Mushuau Innu previously of Davis Inlet have moved to the new community of Natuashish.

Community English/French Name Dialect
Mashteuiatsh Pointe-Bleu (Qué) central
Essipit Escoumins (Qué) central
Pessamit Bersimis/Betsiamites (Qué) central
Uashat/Mani-utenam Sept-Îles (Qué) eastern
Ekuanitshit Mingan (Qué) eastern
Nutashkuan Natashquan (Qué) eastern
Unaman Shipit Romaine (Qué) eastern
Pakuashipi St-Augustin (Qué) eastern
Matimekush Schefferville (Qué) eastern
Sheshatshit North West River (Nfld) eastern
Utshimassit Davis Inlet (Nfld) eastern
Natuashish   eastern


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Last Update: August 20, 2008