Keyboard layout for Naskapi

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  • For o-style finals: ᒄ ᒽ etc., hold down the shift key and type the appropriate letter: ᒽ is shift-m. ᒄ has also been mapped the q key.
  • The combined characters ᔌ, ᔍ, ᔎ, ᔏ are produced by typing a sequence such as: s-p-w-a or s-p-; or z-p-a for ᔌ.
  • When an /h/ sound comes before a k-series syllabic, the /h/ is written with the middle dot 'ᐧ'. So /hki/ is ᑶ , and /hkwa/ is ᐧᒂ.
  • Naskapi does not write long vowels. Notice that there are two ways of writing the vowels ᐃ and ᐅ (with 'e' or 'i', and 'o' or 'u').
  • There are special glyphs for consonant+/w/+/a/: such as /cwa/ ᒠ, and /nwa/ ᓏ. These are typed with the semicolon key. For example, ᒠ is typed c-; or it can also be c-w-a.

In the preceding notes, the hyphen is used to separate keystrokes: k-a is k followed by a, not k, -, a.