There may be a problem on Macs in Cocoa applications for the following syllabics:

Left w-dot keyboards

ᐧᓂ ᐧᓄ
ᐧᕃ ᐧᕆ ᐧᕈ ᐧᕋ

Right w-dot keyboards

ᓂᐧ ᓄᐧ
ᕄᐧ ᕊᐧ ᕍᐧ

The issue is that after typing in any of these characters, e.g. n-w-i, the next keystroke will produce a character before instead of after the syllabic.

Thus: “n-w-i-k-a” shows up as:

  • Right w-dot: ᐠᓂᐧᐊ instead of the correct result ᓂᐧᑲ
  • Left w-dot: ᐠᐧᓂᐊ instead of the correct result ᐧᓂᑲ

Furthermore, hitting return will cause any of the above syllabics to disapepar.

To get around this, whenever typing any of these, hit the space bar after the problem syllabic appears on screen, then backspace. Thus, Right w-dot ᓂᐧᑲ is typed n-w-i-space-backspace-k-a, Left w-dot ᐧᓂᑲ is typed n-w-i-space-backspace-k-a.

The source of this problem may be twofold

  1. Each of the problem characters should have its own Unicode index, but does not.
  2. The Mac keyboard compiler does not seem to allow two Unicode characters in a terminator.