Native Californian Keyboard Layouts

The keyboards listed below are for the Native langauges of California. Many of these languages have a relatively newly developed practical alphabet which might differ from the orthography commonly used by linguists. Where possible and applicable, several keyboards will be available for each language. For more details, see the keyboard maps or language pages.

Each language will be provided with two keyboards, one for Windows and one for Macs. Older keyboards layouts which were available on this page in the past are always available if you contact me directly via email. Multi-lingual keyboards try to keep the standard A–Z keys while the special characters used by the languages are mapped to punctuation keys. These keyboards allow for easy typing in both English and the Native langauge at the same time.

All keyboards (unless otherwise noted) on this site are designed to work with Unicode fonts, and as such, will only work with relatively up-to-date software (e.g. Windows XP, Mac OSX Tiger). Alan Wood has a list of Unicode friendly software.

Language Family Language  Mac Download Windows Download Keyboard Map
Algic Wiyot      
Athapaskan Na:tinixwe:-Mixine:we’ (Hupa) Mac Keylayout Windows Keylayout Keymap (PDF)
Chumash Mitsqanaqaʔn (Ventureño) Mac Keylayout Windows Keylayout Keymap (PDF)
Karuk Karúk Vahi Mac Keyboard Windows Keyboard Keymap (PDF)
Utian Miwəmeti / Southern Sierra Miwok Mac Keyboard Windows Keyboard Keymap (PDF)
Uto-Aztecan Mono (Western) Mac Keyboard Windows Keyboard Keymap (PDF)
  Paiute (Owens Valley) Mac Keyboard Windows Keyboard Keymap (PDF)
Washoe Wašiw (Washoe)   Windows Keyboard Keymap (PDF)
Wintun Winnemem Q’ol Mac Keyboard   Keymap (PDF)


Yowlumni Mac Keyboard Windows Keyboard Keymap (PDF)
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