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Languagegeek Unicode encoding

Due to the large amount of non-Unicoded characters, this text is not in the Unicode standard; one must download a languagegeek font to view this. Example of a Denesųłįne pointed text, marking high tone. Note that your browser may wrap in such a way that a word is cut off at the end of a line, and continued on the next – my version of Explorer wraps oddly, my Netscape does not.

ᕫ ᐁ ᐅᘚ  ᕫ    ᐁᗯᖊ ᗱ ᐃ ᓯ ᐊᓯᐁ ᐯ ᐊ ᒉ ᗃ .

 ᐯᐁ, ᗃ ᐁ ᕫ  ᘛ ᒐ ᐃ, ᐨᘛᐆ ᐊ ᐅ ᐅ ᐊᖊ ᐆᘛ  ᖍᕬ. ᐁᕬ , ᘔᘔ  ᒉᐊ.  ᕬ ᐊᖍᐅ, “ᘔ, ᐁ ᗃ ᓯ, ᗀ ᕬ ᗀᐃ,” ᐁ, “ᐁ  ᐆᘚ ᐃ ᗱ ᖆ ᐁ  ᐃ,” ᐁ.

ᐁ ᐃ ᘛ ᓲ  ᕫ ᐁ  ᐃ, ᕫ  ᐆᘛ  ᘛ ᓲᗀ ᗯ ᐊ ᖍ ᓯ. ᐯᐁ ᗴ   ᐁ ᐯᐁᐁ ᗱ ᐯᐁ  ᕫ .

ᕬ ᐊ ᐆᐊᓯ ᕫ  ᐊ  ᓯ. ᐁ ᕫ ᐁ ᐸᗀ , ᕫ  ᗀ ᐆᘚ ᕬ ᐊ ᓯ. ᒋ   , ᐃ ᗀ ᗀ ᕫ ᗃ ᘛ ᐊ ᓯ.

ᕫ ᐁ  ᐆᘚ ᐃᐨᘕᓯ ᐁᗱ, ᐃ ᐱ ᖍᐃ  ᐯᗴ ᓯ ᐁ, ᐨᘛᐆ ᐊᐅ, “ᐊᖊ  ᐁᐨᗴ  ᐆᘚ ᕫ  ᐁᖊᐃ ᐃ ᓯ,” ᐁ. ᐁ ᕫ  ᐆᘚ ᐃ ᐁᗯᖋ ᗃ ᐃᐨᘕᓯ ᒉ   ᐃ ᐃᐨᗴ ᐊ. ᗰᓭ ,  ᐅ ᗰᓭ  ᐊᖍᐨᗴ. ᐁ ᐁ ᕫ ᘛ  ᐁ ᕬ ᗃ ᐊ,” ᐁ.  ᐁ ᐃ  ᐅᘚ ᕫ ᘚ ᐊ, ᐊ, ᐯᗃ ᗁ ᐅ ᐁ ᐅ ᕬ ᒉ ᐆᐊ ᕬ  ᐸᓯ ᐊ ᓭᐅᐨᗴ, ᕫ ᐁ  ᐯᓯ ᐃ ᓱ .

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