Keyboard layout for Dane Z̲aa (Beaver): multi-lingual

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` ˛̀ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - _  
  q w e r tt̲s̲ u i o p ˛ˆ ˛́ˇ ʔ
  a s dd̲z̲ f g h j k l ł  
  z x c v b n m ,; .: ´  


On macs, use the OPTION key instead of RIGHT-ALT

  • The left bracket key is the nasal accent ˛, as in ą ę ǫ.
  • The slash key is the high tone accent ´, as in á é í ó ú.
  • The right bracket key is the high-nasal accent ˛́, as in ą́ ę́ ǫ́.
  • The grave key is the low tone accent `, as in à è ì ò ù.
  • The shift grave key is the low-nasal accent ˛̀, as in ą̀ ę̀ ǫ̀.
  • The shift left bracket key is the circumflex accent ˆ, as in â ê ô.
  • The shift right bracket key is the háček accent ˇ, as in ǎ ě ǒ.
  • The equals key is the underline accent. The underlined characters d̲z̲, s̲, t̲s̲, and z̲ can also be typed using the Right-Alt key, so that Right-Alt t is t̲s̲ and Right-Alt D is D̲z̲. All caps T̲S̲ and D̲Z̲ must be typed using the equals key.
  • Symbols used in Beaver linguistics
    • æ : Right-Alt a
    • ə : Right-Alt e
    • ɪ : Right-Alt i
    • ʊ : Right-Alt u
    • ʸ : Right-Alt y
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