Keyboard layout for Dene-A/B/S

Chipewyan and South Slavey  

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 ́ 1 2 3 4 5 6^ 7 8 9 0 -_ =  
    ᐧᐤ ‘ “ ’ ” ¤


    , . /  

In the following notes, the hyphen is used to separate keystrokes.  So (k-a) is "k" followed by "a", not "k", "-", "a".


  • The grave key is the ‘accent’: (t-a-`) is ́
  • Each key is shown with an ‘a’ vowel: (p‑a) is ᖉ
  • Often, finals in the Chipewyan and South Slavey are on the base-line. If you are using a languagegeek Dene-A font, this is what you will see in most situations: ᐯ (b‑e‑s).
    • There are certain sequences in Chipewyan and South Slavey which automatically produce a top-line final, such as: ᒢᕍ ᐢᕍ ᑊᕍ ᒡᕍ. These raised finals are called “ligating finals”; ligating meaning that the final+syllabic are to be pronounced as a single sound. These finals are raised automatically by the font, there is no special keystroke required.
    • To force a final to the top-line, type the ^ key after the final: ᐯᐢ (b‑e‑^‑s).
    • To force one of the ligating finals (or ᐨ /d/) to the base-line, use the underline _ key after the final: ᑕᐱ (d‑a‑b‑i‑d‑_).
  • These top-line or base-line distinctions are usually stylistic, but they can indicate important differences in pronunciation.
  • All changed punctuation marks are accessed by typing the “special” key ¤ (left bracket) followed by the appropriate punctuation key.
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Last Update: June 13, 2005