Keyboard layout for Dene C

Chipewyan, North Slavey, Dogrib  

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` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - =  
  ʿᕍ ‘ “ ’ ” ¤



  ʿᐊ   , .  

In the following notes, the hyphen is used to separate keystrokes.  So (k-a) is "k" followed by "a", not "k", "-", "a".


  • Each key is shown with an ‘a’ vowel: (l‑a) is ᕍ.
  • The ejective consonants (e.g. t'a k'a) are written ᐟᒐˈ ᑕˈ ᐟᓴˈ ᐟᗴˈ ᐟᕍˈ ᑲˈ, but may also be typed as in Roman orthography (t‑j‑'‑a, t‑'‑a, t‑s‑'‑a, t‑c‑'‑a, t‑l‑'‑a, k‑'‑a).
  • Nasal vowels are marked by the semicolon.
  • The h-key types ᑋ, pronounced /h/ in North Slavey and Dogrib; this symbol will not combine with a following vowel. The same symbol, ᑋ, is pronounced /th/~/dh/ in Chipewyan, is typed with the j-key, and will combine with a vowel to form a syllabic character.
  • All changed punctuation marks are accessed by typing the "special" key ¤ (left bracket) followed by the appropriate punctuation key.

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Last Update: June 13, 2005