Keyboard layout for Dene Dzage (Kaska)

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‘? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - ¯˛̄  
  q w e r t y u i o p ˛ ˆ˛̂ ˇ˛̌
  a s d f g h j k l ł  
  z x c v b n m ,; .: ´˛́  


On macs, use the OPTION key instead of RIGHT-ALT

  • The LEFT-BRACKET key is the nasal accent ˛, as in ą ę į ǫ ų.
  • The RIGHT-BRACKET key is the circumflex accent ˆ, as in â ê.
    SHIFT+RIGHT-BRACKET is the nasal circumflex accent, as in ą̂ ę̂.
  • The BACKSLASH key is the háček accent ˇ, as in ǎ ě.
    SHIFT+BACKSLASH is the nasal háček accent, as in ą̌ ę̌.
  • The EQUALS key is the macron accent ¯, as in ā ē.
    SHIFT+EQUALS is the nasal macron accent, as in ą̄ ę̄.
  • The SLASH key is the high tone accent ´, as in á é.
    SHIFT+SLASH is the nasal high tone accent, as in ą́ ę́.
  • Opening and closing quotes:
    • single: ‘ GRAVE — ’ APOSTROPHE
    • double: “ SHIFT+HYPHEN — ” SHIFT+[
    • single ‹ RIGHT-ALT+SHIFT+9 — › RIGHT-ALT+SHIFT+0
    • double « RIGHT-ALT+9 — » RIGHT-ALT+0

This keyboard has been updated as of August 23, 2006

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