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Tsek’ehne Language

tsà’ - beaver, ts’à’ - plate, tli - dog, tl’uulh - rope, k’iy - birch, dlèzhe - grizzly bear, al - branch, yhèlh - trap

Roman Orthography: Consonants

  bilabial alveolar alveolar affricate lateral palato-alveolar palatal velar velar rounded glottal
voiceless stop b d dz dl j   g gw
aspirated stop p t ts tl ch   k kw  
ejective stop p’ t’ ts’ tl’ ch’   k’ kw’  
voiced fricative     z   zh   gh ghw  
voiceless fricative (f)   s lh sh   kh   h
nasal m n              
resonant w     l   y      
voiceless resonant hw         yh      

Roman Orthography: Vowels

  front central back
high i   uu
mid e u o
low   a  


  • Are nasal vowels are indicated by an underline accent a̱ or some other means?
  • How is low tone marked over uu? Is it ùu or uù?