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Witsuwit’en-Nedut’en (Babine) Language


Note: There are several Roman Orthography conventions on this site that may require further explanation. On the charts below, there is lots of phonetic terminology that may not be familiar to everyone.

The Canadian Census indicates 2,055 Carrier (likely including Wet’suwet’en-Nat’ooten). According to Howe and Cook, there are 500 Witsuwit’en-Nedut’en speakers.

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Dakelh Syllabics Information:


Community Names

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  bilabial alveolar alveolar affricate lateral palatal velar rounded uvular glottal
voiceless stop B D DZ DL g GW gg
aspirated stop   T TS TL c KW k  
ejective stop   T’ TS’ TL’ c’ KW’ k’  
voiced fricative     Z       GH  
voiceless fricative     S LH ? WH KH H
nasal M N            
resonant       L Y W    


  front central back


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