Aboriginal Serif

Aboriginal Serif was the first font to appear on languagegeek.com. This is a very large font containing all of the letters necessary to type in any North American Native language. If ever I get new information about a letter which is missing from the font, it gets updated immediately.

Originally a basic TrueType font, Aboriginal Serif now contains OpenType tables. Please see the “OpenType Issues” and “Unicode Issues” pages on this site for more information.

This font is in the “Times” style, and is primarily suited for web browsing or your email viewer. This font is probably not the best for print publication, due to the typographical differences between Syllabics, Cherokee, and the Roman orthography. It is not possible, for instance, to come up with a good sized “word space” that fits each of these writing systems. This FREE font does not have italic or bold varieties, these are present in some other languagegeek.com fonts.