Version history for the Aboriginal Serif Font

Version Date Fixes and Changes. The complete font chart shows the most recent mapping (large html file).
Original May 2002  
A Jul. 9, 2002
  • The Dene finals, and the Blackfoot 'p' series were not displaying on Windows 9x/Me. They have been moved to a new location in the zone after the Canadian Syllabics.
  • A few fixes of the private zone Latin characters (including relocations of some characters to Latin Extended Additional, and moving the Seneca s-dieresis within the private zone as it wasn't showing on Windows 9x/Me).
  • IPA, Latin Extended B, Latin Extended Additional, and (the Latin ligatures of) Alphabetic Presentation Forms are now complete.
B Jan. 1, 2003
  • Cheyenne voiceless vowels (ring above, e.g. å)
  • Cosmetic (hinting) fixes for macron, lowercase g, syllabics (eastern final sh) ᔥ
  • Fix of Vietnamese A/a breve underdot, e dieresis acute ogonek, I dieresis grave ogonek.
6.0/6.1 Aug. 23, 2003
  • Movement of all Syllabics glyphs to the "Private Use Zone". See Unicode Issues for more details about why this move was made. Complete rearrangement of glyphs.
  • Hinting improvements for all symbols, to make them appear better on screen. Please make sure Font Smoothing has been enabled.
  • Lots of new Roman orthography accented characters, including many new African and Native North and South American symbols.
  • Additions to the Syllabics set, including North Ojibwa finals and a few other finals missing from Unicode.
  • Note: The 6.0 version is not entirely compatible with earlier fonts. Please email me if you need software that will translate your old Aboriginal Serif Font documents to the new version.
6.1a Oct. 6, 2003
  • Cherokee added.
1.0 Jan. 11, 2004
  • Font name changed to Aboriginal Serif.
1.1 Feb. 27, 2004
  • Aboriginal Serif now has OpenType tables.
  • Raised Theta for Halkomelem added.

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