OskiDene is a member of the Oski Series of Unicode fonts. Oski is a Cree prefix meaning “New”, which reflects the modern look to the syllabics. There are several aspects which make this font specially suited for the Dene languages.

  • The syllabics are sized more proportionately.

  • Some of the syllabics shapes are in a more old-style

  • The finals are sized and positioned appropriately.

  • There are OpenType tables that will position the finals properly. Any final followed by a superscript ² will be placed mid-line; any final followed by a superscript ³ will be placed at the base line. Note: I have found that this only works properly in Adobe InDesign.

This family contains specially made Italic, Bold, and Bold-Italic fonts, giving a much more attractive document than when a word-processor attempts to italicise a regular font.