One of the founding ideas behind Languagegeek is to enable speakers of Aboriginal languages throughout the world to use their language on computers and the internet. With this, literacy, publishing, authorship, and transmission of indigenous ideas can expand and be promoted both within and beyond the local culture.

To accomplish these ideals, it is necessary to be able to type and print these languages cheaply and effectively. In the recent past, typewriters were restrictive as smaller languages were typically stuck with the characters used by the closest governing and/or international language. Then, with the advent of computers, the choices of orthographical symbols was further reduced by the extreme Euro-centric nature of early operating systems.

The latest releases of software and the internet have drastically changed these earlier handicaps. It is now possible to publish top quality books and materials in any language, with any writing system. It is no more expensive to make a web site in Inuktitut or Cherokee than it is in English or French. provides Unicode fonts and keyboards that can be used to write in many Aboriginal languages, too often neglected by the world at large. It is hoped that the materials here can in some way help these languages prosper far into the future.


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Last Update: Monday, September 25, 2006