Keyboard layout for Blackfoot Syllabics

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  ᑫᑭ ᖻᖸ ᓭᓯ ᒣᒥ ᒉᒋ ᐟᐠ ᖿᖼ ᖳᖰ ᔦᔨ ᖷᖴ /? ;: \|
  ᑯᐤ ᖹᐡ ᓱᔈ ᒧᐨ ᒍᐢ ᑊ ᐦ ᖽᘁ ᖱ˙ ᔪᑉ ˭ ᙮ ,  
  ᐧ :  


  • To type in Blackfoot Syllabics, this keyboard must have the caps lock key on. When the caps lock is off, it functions like a standard US keyboard. This way, users can quickly and easily switch between Blackfoot syllabics and Roman orthography.
  • A few keys are for the practical orthography only, such as the raised dot accent (grave-accent key), raised dot (shift-k), and the colon (shift-n).
  • The key layout has been organised with ergonomics in mind, where the most common characters are on the most convenient keys. For example, the extremely prevalent t- and k‑series are typed using an index finger, whereas the significantly rarer p- and w‑series employ the pinky.

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Last Update: June 13, 2005