Languages of Newfoundland and Labrador

This map shows the major language groupings indigenous to what is today the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Each community’s language is indicated by a coloured dot.

The Inuttut/Inuttitut language is divided into two dialect groups (thickly dashed line): dialect at Rigolet and the more closely related dialects in the rest of Labrador.

There are two Innu-Aimun or Montagnais language (the Eastern dialect being spoken in Labrador) communities. Although both are very similar, the more northernly Mushuau Innu have been referred to in English as “Naskapi”, while the southern Sheshatshu Innu have been typically classified as “Montagnais”. The Mushuau Innu “Naskapi” N-dialect is not the same as the Kawawachikamach Naskapi Y-dialect in Quebec. The Virtual Museum of Labrador offers a brief explination of Labrador Innu-Aimun dialects.

Information used to build this map is from various sources.