Languages of Manitoba

This map shows the major language groupings indigenous to what is today the province of Manitoba. Each community’s language is indicated by a coloured dot. The language groupings are divided into dialect groups (thickly dashed line), which are further separated into individual dialects (thinly dashed line). Dialect groups could also be classified as separate languages: Ojibway and Oji-Cree are often labelled as languages.

Most of the language and dialect groups have fairly obvious boundaries. However, within Saulteaux, there is much diversity from community to community. Instead of a consistant and gradual dialect chain, Saulteaux shows more of a mixture of various features. This is due to the relatively recent settlement of the Ojibway people into the prairies.

The Dakota dialect in Manitoba is Santee-Sisseton.

Information used to build this map is from various sources.