Keyboard layout for Nuučaan̓uł

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For Mac users, RIGHT-ALT is either of the Option Keys. This keyboard has been slightly altered as of September 2006 (v.3) to bring the more commonly used characters to more ergonomic keys.

  • The combining glottal apostrophe accent is the APOSTROPHE key, as in k̓ t̓ p̓...
  • All changed punctuation can type their original value by holding down the RIGHT-ALT key. The left bracket [ would then be typed RIGHT-ALT LEFFT BRACKET.
  • Opening and closing quotes:
    • single: ‘ SHIFT+7 — ’ SHIFT+8
    • double: “ SHIFT+COMMA — ” SHIFT+PERIOD
    • single ‹ RIGHT-ALT+SHIFT+9 — › RIGHT-ALT+SHIFT+0
    • double « RIGHT-ALT+9 — » RIGHT-ALT+0
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