Keyboard layout for ’Uwik̓ala Multi-lingual

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` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - =  
  q w r t y o p ˇ ̑ ̩ \
  s d f h j k l ;  
  z xx̌ cc̈ v b n m , .  


For Mac users, RIGHT-ALT is either of the Option Keys

  • The GRAVE key is the optional grave accent `, as in à è ì ò ù.
  • The LEFT-BRACKET key is the caron accent, as in ǎ ǧ x̌. It is also possible to type these letters using the RIGHT-ALT key: RIGHT-ALT+a is ǎ, and RIGHT-ALT+G is.
  • The glottal apostrophe accent is the SLASH key, as in m̓ p̓...
  • Several special linguistics symbols have also been included on this keyboard. Using the RIGHT-ALT key, the following letters are typed
    • RIGHT-ALT+e = ə
    • RIGHT-ALT+u = ʉ
    • RIGHT-ALT+i = ɨ
  • Other linguistics symbols are:
    • RIGHT-BRACKET is the tie-ligature accent, as in m͡m, l͡l, n͡n.
    • SHIFT-RIGHT-BRACKET is the vocalic accent, as in m̩, l̩, n̩.
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