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Keyboard Layouts

All of the languages, except Cherokee, use a modified Roman orthography. The majority of the standard orthographies—at least those used in Canada—stem from the Iroquoianist linguistic tradition.

Cherokee has its own unique syllabic alphabet, and consequently, requires a special keyboard layout. I have included two here: the first is a “type in Roman orthography—get a Syllabics output”. The second is the layout which maps to the old Cherokee Nation font, where each key (shifted and not shifted) produces an individual syllabic. For those who use a Mac, the Cherokee–QWERTY keyboard which comes pre-installed with recent versions of OS X has a number of relatively awkward key assignments and does not correspond to the Cherokee Roman orthography.. Please download and install the Cherokee–Languagegeek keyboard on this page if you are looking for an alternative.

Each language will be provided with two keyboards, one for Mac, and one for Windows.

Multi-lingual keyboards generally keep the standard A–Z keys while the diacritics used by the languages are mapped to punctuation keys. For all the Iroquoian keyboard layouts (except for Mohawk) several letter keys have been remapped. Due to the high frequency of non-English letters in these languages, it is impractical to put all these letters on punctuation keys—such a keyboard for Seneca would have 53% of all keystrokes made by the pinky-finger, not at all ergonomic.

Except for Mohawk, where two choices are given for accent-order, accents are typed after the base letter.

All keyboards (unless otherwise noted) on this site are designed to work with Unicode fonts, and as such, will only work with certain software (e.g. Windows XP, MS Word). See Unicode links page for Unicode friendly software.

Installation instructions can be found beside each keyboard’s download link below.

Keyboard Downloads and Maps

Northern Languages

Mac Download (2.0) — Mac Installation Instructions

Windows Download (2.0)Windows Installation Instructions

Goyogo̱hó:nǫ’ Cayuga
Keymap (pdf)
Kanien’kéha/Kanyen’kéha Mohawk
Keymap (pdf)
Onǫda’géga’/Onoñda’gega’ Onondaga
Keymap (pdf)
Onödowá’ga:’ Seneca
Keymap (pdf)
Onʌyota’a:ka/Onvyoteʔa·ka Oneida
Keymap (pdf)
Skarù·ręʔ Tuscarora
Keymap (pdf)
Wendat Huron
Keymap (pdf)

ᏣᎳᎩ Cherokee

ᏣᎳᎩ Languagegeek layout

Download Windows

Download Mac


Mac Installation Instructions
Win. Instructions

Old Keyman Keyboard
* (v 6.901) (August 2008)

ᏣᎳᎩ Cherokee Nation layout Download Windows
Comes pre-installed on Macs
Win. Installation Instructions
ᏣᎳᎩ Phonetic/Linguistic Download Windows
Download Mac
Keymap (pdf)
Mac Installation Instructions
Win. Installation Instructions

* The Windows (Keyman) installation will also automatically install three syllabary fonts:
Aboriginal Sans, Aboriginal Serif, and Digohweli

Mac OS X comes with a Cherokee keyboard layout pre-installed, called Cherokee-QWERTY. It is a simple and effective keyboard layout. Unlike the Cherokee-Languagegeek keyboard layout, it does not completely adhere to Roman orthography input. Several short-cut keystrokes must be memorized. Here are a few examples:
  • is typed S-X (instead of S)
  • is typed Z-A (instead of T-S-A)
  • is typed R-A (instead of T-L-A)


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