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Secwepemc Communities

Below is a list of all the Secwepemc Communities given in the book Re tsúwet·s re Secwepemc. This text does not mark the stress acent. Each name is written twice. The first using the international standard Unicode, the second column rewrites the place name using the special characters found only on languagegeek fonts. Note that some of the Unicode letters may not appear correctly.

First Nation Community English Name
Esk̓et Alkali Lake
Kenpesq̓t Shuswap Band (near Windermere)
Llenlleney̓ten High Bar
Pelltiq̓t Clinton / Whispering Pines
Qw7ewt Little Shuswap
Simpcw North Thompson
Sk̓atsin / Celewt Neskonlith
Splatsin Spallumcheen
St̓uxtews Bonaparte
Sxstalen Adams Lake
T̓exelc Williams Lake
Tk̓emlups Kamloops
Tsk̓weylecw Pavilion
Tsq̓escen Canim Lake
Xats̓ull Soda Creek
Xget̓tem̓ Dog Creek / Canoe Creek
No name given Skeetchestn


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Last Update: February 23, 2008