Syllabics Keyboard Layouts

The Dene language keyboards for syllabics are built upon the philosophy of One Key - One Character. While this takes some training to learn, once your fingers know the keys, it’s quite fast.

All keyboards (unless otherwise noted) on this site are designed to work with Unicode 5.2 fonts, and as such, will only work with (as of 2010) fonts which are very up-to-date. Older syllabics fonts may be lacking a few Syllabics characters. Please see the Languagegeek fonts download page for Unicode 5.2 fonts.

Note to Mac typists

The Languagegeek syllabics keyboards for Macs use the Caps Lock to switch between English and Syllabics. When Caps Lock is off, the keyboards type in Syllabics. When Caps Lock is on, the keyboards type in English. Windows keyboards do not have this functionality.

The New Syllabics Keyboards

I am no longer using the "Keyman" third party software to develop keyboards. The new keyboards don't install any third party software onto your computer.

The layouts now follow the "1-key" philosophy, where each key types a syllabic character - they are no longer built up from roman orthography. This change is in response from community members.


Mac Installer Instructions

Windows installation instructions

Dene:  Mac DownloadWindows Download

ᑌᓀ Dene (NWT) Keymap (html) - (pdf)
ᑌᓀ Dene (Yellowknives) Keymap (html) - (pdf)
ᓴᔨᓯ ᑌᓀ Sayisi Dene Keymap


Mac Installer Instructions

Windows installation instructions

Dakelh: Mac Download — Windows Download

  Coming Soon Keymap


If you are having problems viewing the language properly, please download and install one of the languagegeek fonts.
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